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The InterMapper Story

InterMapper's pioneering network monitoring software was first developed at Dartmouth College

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It all began at Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire USA. In the 1980's, the College envisioned placing a network outlet at every desk. By the early 1990's, Dartmouth had connected all residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative offices in a single campus-wide network that relied on more than 100 basement routers. Rich Brown, Dartmouth's Network Manager, soon discovered that the existing diagnostic tools were inadequate for managing such a complex, far-flung network.

With only a text-based monitoring program to work with, Brown and his team needed a faster, more proactive approach to pinpoint sources of bottlenecks and stoppages.

His goal was to find an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool that yielded quick, accurate overviews of the network and rapidly made essential diagnostic data available to managers. Since no commercial, off-the-shelf software came close, a tool had to be created. Rich enlisted Bill Fisher, a computer science student at the College, to help design a program to map and monitor the college's network. Both Rich and Bill had extensive Macintosh experience, and were disposed toward user-friendly interfaces, the graphic representation of complex systems, and the ability to drill-down for additional detail.

Word of InterMapper's capabilities spread to other network administrators facing the same problems. In 1996, Dartmouth negotiated with Rich and Bill to market InterMapper commercially, and their decision was quickly justified by an immediate jump in sales. In April 2000, Rich, Bill, and Stuart Pompian founded Dartware LLC.

In December 2012, Dartware was acquired by Help/Systems, LLC, a world leader in systems and network management, security, and business intelligence software.

From the beginning, InterMapper's customer base has been enthusiastic, not only about InterMapper's comprehensive, easy to use features, but also its devotion to customer service. This attentiveness keeps Intermapper responsive to the evolving needs and requirements of its clients. Customers rely on the InterMapper suite of network monitoring, mapping and alerting software to keep users productive and their networks running smoothly.

InterMapper was one of the first network monitoring tools ever created. Born out of necessity, today it facilitates real-time monitoring, visual mapping and proactive alerting for thousands of organizations around the world.



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