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Technology Partnerships

InterMapper Integrates with Complementary Solutions

We frequently engage with like-minded partners, and respond creatively to their unique needs. Our partners are networking experts; together we sell software, hardware, and configuration services, and consult on network design and administration. We can recommend a number of third party software and hardware vendors to our clients.

Why partner with InterMapper?

Our partners enjoy access to highly reliable, highly regarded InterMapper network monitoring software and its development and support teams. If you are interested in exploring a technology partnership, we'd love to hear from you. Send an email to:

Featured technology partners include:



Splunk Enterprise is the platform for machine data. It's the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure the massive streams of machine data generated by all your IT systems and technology infrastructure.

The InterMapper App for Splunk is a free add-on to Splunk which enables the network administrator to proactively monitor and map network hardware, software, and bandwidth utilization in real-time to gain actionable knowledge within Splunk.



As a Cisco Registered Partner, InterMapper works with Cisco equipment right out of the box with built-in probes. InterMapper network monitoring software with the Flows NetFlow Analyzer displays your entire network – devices, connections, traffic flow, and more – on dynamic, real-time maps. With advance warning of potential issues, you'll fix problems and optimize operations before suffering an outage or slowdown.

Get an easy to set-up, integrated, single view of your entire network environment with a user-friendly interface through InterMapper's:

  • IP – SLA Monitoring
  • NetFlow Analysis
  • Cisco Icons
  • CiscoWorks Integration

IP –SLA Monitoring

Monitor latency, jitter, and packet loss measured by your Cisco router with SLA installed. Get notifications when alarms and warnings signal exceeded thresholds. Download user-created custom probes from the Cisco Probe Set.

NetFlow Analysis

InterMapper Flows watches NetFlow versions 1, 5, 7, and 9 and displays top talker, ports and sessions. Flows records are maintained to allow after the fact queries against the database. Highly granular data is collected in increments down to one second. Read more about InterMapper Flows.

Cisco Icon Library for InterMapper

Cisco has created a set of industry standard network topology icons for use in network maps. These Cisco network topology icons are available for use in InterMapper.

CiscoWorks Integration

Download "How CiscoWorks and InterMapper Complement Each Other" by InterMapper Technology Partner and Cisco Premier Partner


 Asentria solutions give communication network operators monitoring, access, and control of the remote or unmanned locations on their network, to enable the Network Operation Center (NOC) to reduce the cost of operating the network and risk of a loss of service.

Siteboss Controller with map


Asentria devices are able to gather environmental information from network equipment and convert it into SNMP enabling InterMapper to display this information on maps and use it to trigger an alert. "Asentria devices allow network managers to keep tabs on remote sites and react to changes in power supplies, temperature, humidity and water, and other variables that impact performance," says Jon Baars, Director of Sales at Asentria. "With a small number of sites it's reasonable to get notified via email. For any more than a handful of locations, it's much easier to monitor and manage using InterMapper's visual displays."

The following partners are experts in both InterMapper and Asentria products:

InterMapper welcomes Asentria resellers to discuss our partner program and how reselling both products could be a huge advantage. 

How InterMapper and SiteBoss Work Together

There are many benefits to users of SiteBoss remote monitoring devices from the deployment of the InterMapper network monitoring, mapping and alerting solution. InterMapper and SiteBoss are designed to work together, making it easy and quick to cost-effectively manage your SiteBoss devices.

  • Easy to configure

o   Device-generated probe sent to InterMapper, makes configuration easy and powerful

o   Only active sensors are included in the probe

o   Real-time labeling and formatting is done for the user, saving   time


  • InterMapper compliments SiteBoss equipment

o   Expanded notification and alarm options

o   Central data storage and analysis



o   Double Click to open SiteBoss web interface

o   Full featured probe set


§All SNMP variables

o   Customizable presentation of environmental monitoring

§Temperatures and values live on map, variables in labels

§Monitor network and environmental devices on one map

o   Device management

§Monitor the network side of sensors with InterMapper

§See where the SiteBoss devices are plugged into (Layer 2)

§Manage network of sensors (proprietary or from other vendors)

·         One platform and common data structure/timeline

·         Different vendors’ sensors can be on one chart


Alarms Pro


AlarmsPro offers a number of adjuncts to the InterMapper program, including the ability to get temperature, humidity, airflow, noise levels, dry contact closure inputs and other information at remote sites, and then alarm on certain conditions.

Frank Knapp, CEO at AlarmsPro, has been deploying both InterMapper and Asentria devices on behalf of customers who need to manage remote sites. He created a probe that allowed InterMapper to gather information from Asentria devices. "InterMapper is so easy to use, so fluid," says Knapp. "With the Asentria probe, a technician gets the information he really needs like tank levels in terms of gallons." AlarmsPro is using the InterMapper/Asentria integration to monitor mountaintop telco installations. InterMapper serves as a "dashboard" from which technicians can ask Asentria devices to turn on heat for equipment that might be freezing.



As a member of the HP AllianceONE Partner Program, InterMapper has the tools you need to optimize the Hewlett-Packard equipment that is an important part of your organizations network infrastructure.

Whether troubleshooting switches, routers, servers or PCs, you'll be able to diagnose your network's health in real-time using InterMapper's comprehensive features.

  • S-Flow Analysis
  • HP OpenView Integration

S-Flow Analysis

InterMapper Flows watches S-Flows and displays top talker, ports and sessions. Flows records are maintained to allow after the fact queries against the database. Highly granular data is collected in increments down to one second. Read more about InterMapper Flows.

HP OpenView Integration

InterMapper's open architecture allows it to act as a high level network monitoring system when integrated with network management platforms, such as HP OpenView.

Red Hat

Red Hat:

We are proud to be qualified as an Independent Software Vendor in the Red Hat partnership program. InterMapper runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), as well as several other Linux distributions.


FlowTraq, by Process Query Systems:

Process Query Systems (ProQueSys) works to bridge the gap between the forefront of scientific discovery and state-of-the-art deployable software to make the most powerful discoveries available to day-to-day users. The ProQueSys NS2Flows technology powers the InterMapper Flows product.

Unlike other network flow analysis tools, NS2Flows preserves all flow records, allowing you to search network traffic after the fact; our highly-optimized NetSAW2-based flow correlation engine filters, sorts and searches flows in real time. This makes NS2Flows the ideal starting point for any network forensic investigation, traffic troubleshooting, or capacity management task.

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