InterMapper: Real-time Network Knowledge
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InterMapper Network Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software

Simplify your day-to-day network management -- Full Featured and Truly Affordable

  • Live Mapping
    InterMapper provides a real-time view of your network. Auto-discovery makes it easy to find all devices with an IP address. InterMapper's flexibility enables you to visualize your network the way you want ... Learn More

    Visual Traffic Flows
    Real-time Network Monitoring - A Living View of your Network ... Learn More

    Hierarchical Maps
    Drilldown from a high level, overview map of your network to a more local, detailed view ... Learn More

    Layer 2/3 Interconnections
    The Layer 2 module enables auto-discovery and connection of devices to the correct switch port ... Learn More

    Pinpoint Network Congestion
    Pinpoint congestion and chart for trending information ... Learn More

    Geographic and Physical Maps
    View your network however you want (integrates with Google Maps, Google Earth, etc.) ... Learn More

    Auto-discover the Whole Network
    Discover everything, as long as it has an IP address, even if you're not sure what they are ... Learn More

  • Comprehensive Monitoring
    Whether you are on-site or at a remote location, InterMapper provides a real-time view of your network status. Network troubleshooting is easy for virtually any hardware or software. InterMapper's NetFlow analyzer puts the monitoring of bandwidth utilization at your fingertips ... Learn More

    NetFlow Analysis
    Learn the details about your network traffic in minutes with InterMapper Flows, the built-in NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and cFlow traffic analyzer ... Learn More

    Easy Remote Management
    Add total scalability and flexibility to managing and monitoring diverse networks ... Learn More

    Runs On All Popular OSs
    InterMapper is the only Network Monitoring Software that runs on All Major Platforms ... Learn More

    Use Multiple Protocols
    InterMapper can monitor virtually any equipment using one of its built-in probes ... Learn More

    Monitor Hardware and Software
    Enable your organization to monitor and control the performance of your mission-critical software tools ... Learn More

  • High Performance
    InterMapper is a full featured, industrial strength network monitoring, mapping and alerting tool. Even with its speed, scalability and high granularity, InterMapper maintains a low polling overhead and a small install footprint ... Learn More

    Highly Granular Data
    Real-time Flow Monitoring that's Powerful, Flexible and Easy to Use ... Learn More

    Scalable to 1,000s of Devices
    InterMapper's architecture allows a distributed monitoring approach ... Learn More

    InterMapper's lean and efficient engine independently polls every device ... Learn More

    Low Polling Overhead
    InterMapper’s architecture allows a distributed monitoring approach ... Learn More

    Small Install Footprint
    InterMapper is design to easily run on a low end machine, with its low resource requirements ... Learn More

  • Alerting & Diagnostics
    With InterMapper, it's easy to get notified if a device is not optimally performing by setting a customized threshold. Set alarms and escalation procedures that are meaningful to you. Charts and reports of short-term performance and long-term trends are at your fingertips ... Learn More

    Set Alarms That Matter To You
    Long before an end-user calls to say, "The network is down," you want to know about problems ... Learn More

    Historical Trend Analysis
    InterMapper collects data from all the equipment being monitored, and compares the collected data to thresholds to alert you to new problems ... Learn More

    Capacity Planning
    Constant high bandwidth utilization and slow network speed could indicate the need for increased bandwidth capacity ... Learn More

    Share Reports Across Departments
    In today's network centric economy, every department within your organization has a vested interest in network performance and reliability ... Learn More

    Know Where Devices Are Connected
    The Layer 2 module enables auto-discovery and connection of devices to the correct switch port ... Learn More