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Network Traffic Monitoring Software: InterMapper Flows Features

Real-time Flow Monitoring that's Powerful, Flexible and Easy to Use

Learn about What's New in the latest version of Flows 1.3

InterMapper Flows is our integrated network traffic monitoring software which enhances your ability to analyze the kinds of data flowing across and through your network. Flows is a powerful and affordable network traffic monitor that is capable of sub-millisecond accuracy for network bandwidth monitoring.

InterMapper Flows NetFlow analyzer gives you real-time statistics on bandwidth utilization. With sub-millisecond accuracy, no other Cisco NetFlow tracker provides such a granular view into your network traffic. With InterMapper network traffic monitoring software, all data is retained (not just summary data) to give you a complete picture. Our NetFlow tracker provides in-depth information on all conversations passing through your network.

Where do I get it? Contact to request a 30-day free trial.  Just a simple installer gets it going. Once you have InterMapper running, adding InterMapper Flows puts NetFlow data at your fingertips.

Real-time Network Monitoring
  • Collects and Reports on Data with Sub-millisecond Accuracy
  • Tuned for Fast, Data Intensive Reporting


  • Traffic flow graphs show Top Talkers, Top Hosts, and Top Listeners
  • Extremely Granular Data Views
  • High Level Traffic Data
  • Stores network Flow data over time for historical reporting and trend analysis


  • NetFlow (versions 1, 5, 7, and 9), sFlow, jFlow and cFlow analysis
  • Filtering and sort capabilities to support historic data queries
  • Retains all flow data (not just top data)
  • Data broken out by applications, conversation, domains, endpoints, and protocols

Easy to Use

  • Integrated with InterMapper software to make traffic data available from network maps
  • Right-click Whois information availability
  • High level summaries provide right-click access to underlying data
  • Country flags note origin of network traffic

System Requirements