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InterMapper Customer Testimonials

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Great Product
"InterMapper is my constant companion. To say it has 'saved the day' is an understatement."
Mike Kernen, Chief Engineer, Greater Media Detroit
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"It's the only monitoring tool we use. We slice and dice the network in many ways using over 100 maps that monitor thousands devices and go down to all Ethernet switches."
Dennis O'Reilly, Senior Network Analyst, University of British Columbia
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"We've increased uptime using InterMapper."
Dave Demers, Network Engineer, Audatex
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"For us, ROI is a happy customer. InterMapper customer relationship value is huge."
Brian Magnuson, President Cascade Networks
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"We absolutely love InterMapper and would NOT do this job without it."
Mike Pennell, Executive Director, NewNet 66

"InterMapper cost-effectively helps us ensure images are delivered in a timely manner to our radiologists 24/7/365. InterMapper is a strategic asset to our business."
Marty Buening, Dir. of IT, Northwest Radiology Network

Ease of Use
"InterMapper is so easy. You can learn to use it in an hour."
Göran Åvhlik, Systems Engineer, Västtrafik
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"InterMapper has a very open interface so it's easy to write our own probes."
Bernd Janke-Wohltmann, Netzperten
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Proactive Monitoring
"We're so on top of things. We can see if utilization is up or CPU usage is spiking."
Dave Demers, Network Engineer, Audatex
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"Before we had InterMapper we just waited for things to break and people to call us."
Göran Åvhlik, Systems Engineer, Västtrafik
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"InterMapper is so cost-effective. You don't need $40,000 worth of software, $60,000 worth of hardware, and a $100,000 per year person to run it."
Guy Bryant, Project Director, Alcatel
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Layer 2
"Everything is going FANTASTICALLY well! InterMapper has changed my life. I have already spotted a few potential problems, and the Layer 2 view is going to save me so much time on my network port mapping project."
Network Administrator, Educational Institution in New York City
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