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Monitoring and Network Management

Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software is a Critical Tool for Network Management

Easily gather information regarding device status and bandwidth utilization

As a technology professional, you are responsible for maintaining a healthy network. You want to avoid embarrassing outages or network slowdowns. In order for you to do your job, you need a monitoring system, such as InterMapper, which helps you to:

  • Pro-actively collect data - know about problems before the phone rings.

  • Document inventory of equipment - know how your network is designed.

  • Analyze performance - know how your network is operating.

There are 7 major types of network management which are supported by network monitoring, mapping and alerting software:

  • Fault Management - reactive and proactive response to network slowdowns and failures.

  • Performance Management - traffic statistics including: number of packets dropped, response times, throughput, utilization, etc.

  • Configuration Management - inventory, equipment set-up and provisioning of network infrastructure.

  • Planning Management - analysis of trends to help justify a network upgrade or a bandwidth increase.

  • Security Management - firewall, spam and virus filtering. IDS, IPS and traffic analysis.

  • Accounting Management - cost management and chargeback assessment.

  • Asset Management - inventory of equipment, facility and administration personnel.

The diverse features of InterMapper directly support these functions. SNMP and ping monitoring enable Fault and Performance management. The auto-discovery of inventory information displayed on maps or tables is important for Security, Accounting, Asset, and Configuration management. The Layer 2 Mapping module facilitates Configuration, Planning, Security and Asset management. Traffic or bandwidth utilization data from InterMapper and InterMapper Flows is important for Performance, Planning, Security and Accounting management.

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