InterMapper: Real-time Network Knowledge
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Monitor Anything Connected to a Network

Probes collect diagnostic information from any device with an IP address

As more and more wired and wireless devices are becoming connected to the Internet, it is possible to monitor more than just traditional IT infrastructure, such as routers, servers and switches. Any device with an IP address can be queried and can provide a diagnostic update.

Technology professionals across a wide array of industries are developing tools to collect important data from all kinds of devices, such as:

  • Environmental sensors – temperature, humidity, power, airflow, moisture, pollution, motion detection
  • Facilities systems – heating and cooling equipment, appliances, security systems, fire suppression systems
  • Industrial equipment – manufacturing tools and robotics, irrigation systems, solar arrays, fuel tanks

InterMapper comes with over 200 built-in probes to monitor common devices. Our growing library of downloadable probes, provided by our customers, enables free and easy access to probes which monitor less common devices. Alternatively, you can design your own probes to use with InterMapper.

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