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Network Troubleshooting & Network Performance Monitoring

Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting Software is a Critical Tool for Network Management

Easily gather information regarding device status and bandwidth utilization

As a technology professional, you are responsible for maintaining a healthy network. You want to avoid embarrassing outages or network slowdowns. In order for you to do your job, you need a monitoring system, such as InterMapper, which helps you to:

  • Pro-actively collect data - know about problems before the phone rings.
  • Document inventory of equipment - know how your network is designed.
  • Analyze performance - know how your network is operating.

There are 7 major types of network management which are supported by network monitoring, mapping and alerting software:

  • Fault Management - reactive and proactive response to network slowdowns and failures.
  • Performance Management - traffic statistics including: number of packets dropped, response times, throughput, utilization, etc.
  • Configuration Management - inventory, equipment set-up and provisioning of network infrastructure.
  • Planning Management - analysis of trends to help justify a network upgrade or a bandwidth increase.
  • Security Management - firewall, spam and virus filtering. IDS, IPS and traffic analysis.
  • Accounting Management - cost management and chargeback assessment.
  • Asset Management - inventory of equipment, facility and administration personnel.

The diverse features of InterMapper directly support these functions. SNMP and ping monitoring enable Fault and Performance management. The auto-discovery of inventory information displayed on maps or tables is important for Security, Accounting, Asset, and Configuration management. The Layer 2 Mapping module facilitates Configuration, Planning, Security and Asset management. Traffic or bandwidth utilization data from InterMapper and InterMapper Flows is important for Performance, Planning, Security and Accounting management.

Network management software performs a variety of functions, including:

  • Optimizing network availability and performance
  • Lowering expenses by improving asset utilization
  • Minimizing risk by providing a secure network that meets compliance guidelines
  • Achieving service level agreements and documenting performance with reports
  • Effective change management

Network monitoring, mapping and alerting is a critical component of network management.   With a comprehensive and integrated solution, a network performance monitoring tool is an efficient, automated and secure solution to network troubleshooting challenges. Network troubleshooting software, such as InterMapper, gives you the real-time network performance data you need to cost-effectively manage your network. InterMapper is easily integrated with network management software, such as CiscoWorks, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli and others.

Optimizing network availability and performance

Network troubleshooting is essential to optimize network availability and performance.  Network performance monitoring empowers the network administrator with at-a-glance diagnostics and smart alerting.  Implement customized threshold settings within InterMapper for your alerts to minimize background noise and notify you before user complaints.  Network analysis automates the investigations of the root cause of performance issues.

Lowering expenses by improving asset utilization

Network bandwidth monitoring helps to improve asset utilization.  Network traffic monitoring software informs you of when you are nearing bandwidth capacity to re-route traffic as necessary.

InterMapper is truly affordable while still quick and easy to train, deploy, integrate and operate. Our network analyzer software reduces costs, administrative overhead and network downtime.

Minimizing risk by providing a secure network that meets compliance guidelines

Network monitoring systems can aide in network security by assuring that your intrusion detection system is up and alerting you if it goes down. Network mapping software supports compliance initiatives with automatically updated network documentation to reduce the burden of compliance audits.

Achieving service level agreements and documenting performance with reports

Information on uptime for hardware, software and traffic across your network is gathered by network monitor software and used to report on service level agreements.

Effective change management

Effective change management is facilitated with network monitoring software by having a visual map of your network topology in place and charts of historical network performance information.  If you need to go back to a prior network configuration, your maps provide the documentation you will need. Knowing the baselines for response times, packet loss, error rates, etc. before undergoing network upgrades enables before/after comparisons.


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