InterMapper: Real-time Network Knowledge
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InterMapper Pricing

InterMapper is priced according to the size of an organization's network (number of devices monitored).

# Devices
         Product Price        
   First Year      
   Total Price    


$525 $105


100 $1,870 $375

$2,630 $525


$4,070 $815

Over 500 Devices
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Includes core monitoring, mapping and alerting functionality, plus Layer 2, Reports and DataCenter.

Your annual maintenance subscription entitles you to technical support, as well as all new versions that are released during that period -- Maintenance subscription.

InterMapper Flows
Add NetFlow Exporters for $370 each ($75 maintenance).

As Your Network Grows

As your network grows and you need to add devices, you simply pay the difference between your current tier and the higher tier.

Manage Your InterMapper Server from Any Location
InterMapper RemoteAccess can handle multiple copies of InterMapper simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for organizations with multiple locations, consultants who monitor client sites, and Managed Service Providers. See the pricing for InterMapper RemoteAccess.

International Sales
InterMapper can be purchased directly or through a local reseller channel partner. Our products are supplied to resellers as a software only offering. Resellers offer a variety of additional services, such as installation, configuration and remote network management. The prices above refer to purchases for the USA only. International prices may vary.